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We have a large cremation urn selection display at the funeral home which features Ziegler & Ames, The Davis Whitehall Company and Memory Glass. An urn can be personalized with art work, name, dates or quote. Delivery can be expected in 24 - 48 hours (Memory Glass, 2-4 weeks).

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Ziegler & Ames Urns








We offer a fine variety of the merchandise you require. For a full catalog of vault products, please click on the link below.











We offer an unparalleled assortment of burial products. A variety of materials, designs and features allows you to help every family create a meaningful funeral experience.

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Monuments & Markers


Fulfilling the memorialization needs and desires of our customers has been our family’s goal for generations.


We offer a wide range of monument styles and designs from the large custom family monuments to modest grave markers. Each family will be treated fairly, honestly and with gratitude for your trust in us to create your memorial desires.


To accomplish this goal we design and manufacture your monument in our family shop located in Lamar. In addition, we create and provide you with multiple proofs, if needed, displaying the monument you designed prior to engraving. This ensures your ability to receive the memorial you envisioned. We would rather produce a dozen proofs than have you disappointed with the completed monument. In short, we want you to receive from us a finished memorial that respects your wishes and desires and not our own.


With an eye toward high standards in workmanship and through the use of quality granite products and memorial supplies, we create and build monuments and memories in Southeastern Colorado. And, once the monument is installed on a solid foundation, it is our hope that your family, as well as our own, will look upon your purchase, many years from today, with a feeling of pride, respect and remembrance.


Those who know us will tell you that we are not high pressure people. Whatever is best for you, suits us just fine. If we may assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us or stop by.


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